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Seattle And Your Antique Locks
While a modern security system may be completely electronic, the history of locks and keys goes back to ancient times. Antique locks may use elaborate systems of tumblers, wards, and levers, that would not rotate unless their mechanisms were adjusted and tripped in the proper order. This made it difficult for someone to use an improper key to trip the levers within, and in effect the same concept it used today in even high tech locks. Without the proper signals from a key, the lock won’t open.

The similarities don’t end there, but antique locks have a long history. In the past, the use of skeleton keys or similar keys made keeping a lock secure an imperfect art. Now, it is rare to find someone with the proper keys or equipment to intrude on an antique lock, which can make them useful beyond their aesthetic and cultural appeal.

The expert locksmiths at Seattle Locksmith know locks, and that includes antique locks that may use older delicate systems. It doesn’t matter if your lock is brand new, or an heirloom from another time, Seattle Locksmith is able to repair your lock so that it will work for selected keys. Because antique locks may use unique components instead of mass produced pieces, it can be hard to find replacement parts. Seattle Locksmith will work to get your lock repaired, finding the proper parts and installing them for you. If you need an antique lock opened, our locksmiths have the proper equipment and know how to get inside. Our reliable service doesn’t end just because your lock is a bit older than most. If you have an antique lock in Seattle, and need repair or rekey services, you can count on the technicians at Seattle Locksmith to give you the assistance that you deserve.

Seattle Locksmith is fully mobile, and ready to help you anywhere in Seattle. It doesn’t matter if you need emergency assistance with your antique safe, or a simple rekey of your front door, Seattle Locksmith is prepared to come to your aid twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We can repair or rekey your motorcycle ignition, or set up a security system for your office or business. Seattle Locksmith is the #1 locksmith in Seattle, no matter the time, place, or job. Give us a call at 206-801-6464, and let us find out exactly what we can do for you.