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What Is A Biometric Lock?
Here at Seattle Locksmith we have experts in every form of security you could ever want to use. Biometric locks are just one of the forms of security that we make available to anyone in the Seattle area.

Biometric locks are electronic locks that recognize a proper key holder based on physical properties of their body. This adds an extra layer of security to the already impressive selection of electronic and high-security locks available from Seattle Locksmith. When you purchase a biometric lock you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into your building using false keys or stolen keys. Even an electronic lock can be fooled if the thieves are persistent and have the technology to create a duplicate key card, but a biometric system can add that extra protection that will keep them away from your precious belongings or family.

The most common type of biometric lock system is the fingerprint lock. Using the unique nature of human fingerprints, a fingerprint lock system can be keyed to a select group of individuals to make sure that no one else can gain entry to the building. The fingerprint lock can be an addition on top of a normal lock, meaning that you still need to bring your key card before you use your fingerprints to identify yourself. Biometric locks are at the forefront of modern business security, and should be examined as an option by every business owner today.

For business owners a biometric system has advantages:
- It allows for additional security for your business
- It can assure that only certain employees are entering an area, even if someone has their card
- It is easy to install and set up for any business that wishes to use it

Biometric locks are even useful for homes for a single family. Seattle Locksmith has expert technicians that are prepared to install a biometric lock for you anytime, anyplace. Our locksmith services are 100% mobile, and open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Which means we are always available to not only install your system, but we can preform repairs and maintenance as well. Seattle Locksmith is the locksmith service in Seattle that is prepared to help you with any locksmith service you need. Whether you are locked out of your home, or need a security system installed in your office, Seattle Locksmith is there to help our neighbors.

If you need installation or information on biometric locks, call Seattle Locksmith at 206-801-6464