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Electromagnetic Locks for All Your High-Security Needs

An electromagnetic lock is a high security lock system that uses magnets to keep an entrance secure. While the average user doesn’t think about the electromagnetic locks that they cross every day, they are becoming a very common way to secure office buildings and businesses. An electromagnetic lock uses a powerful magnet system to keep a doorway closed shut in a way that even bolt lock cannot accomplish.

While a non-magnetic lock often uses a bolt to block the entrance and exit, the primary weakness is in the lock itself. If there is a way to manipulate the inner mechanisms of the lock, it can be picked and the bolt will allow access. This is how a burglar gains access to your house or business to burglarize the premises. We at Seattle Locksmith like to keep businesses as secure as possible, which is why we are glad to offer electromagnetic locks as another option for your security needs.

An electromagnetic lock may be part of a keycard system, or other system of electronic locks. These systems often have a master system that surveys who enters or exits the building based on what key code or key card they use to enter the building. Meaning that not only is your business secure, you know who is coming in and out at all times.

When you have Seattle Locksmith install an electromagnetic lock with its expert technicians, you get a lock that has very few moving parts. This means that when an electromagnetic lock turns off to allow entry, it uses less parts and suffers less wear and tear than a tumbler lock with its intricate moving systems inside. Over the years, this movement can lead to the lock falling apart from constant turning, simple aging, or forcing of the lock. An electromagnetic lock may also be plugged into other systems, like the fire alarm, to be sure that it safely releases in the case of an emergency.

If you want one of these high-security locks added to your security system, know that Seattle Locksmith has everything you need to get started. We will install a full set of electromagnetic locks at your office or business, anywhere in the Seattle area. Our technicians are reliable, fast, and work with any brand and system you have. We treat our neighbors right, and Seattle is our neighborhood. Give us a call at 206-801-6464, and we will bring our fully mobile and 24/7 services to install your system today.