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Do You Need A Panic Bar?

Created in response to public disasters where crowds of people tried to exit a building through doors with a knob, the panic bar is now the preferred way to keep a building’s exit safe when there will be large numbers of people inside. A panic bar is a push bar that will unlatch a door when shoved. These doors can be seen in public buildings across the nation, more often in larger buildings that are open to the public. The intent is that if there is ever a panic, creating a stampede of people, the door will open even if people crash into the door. This gives the bar both of its common names, a panic bar and the crash bar.

You may need to install panic bars if fire codes require it. When a building will have a large population inside, it can be dangerous to require people to turn a knob to escape in the case of a fire or sudden emergency. Having a panic bar will alleviate this danger, and make sure that your building is up to code. A panic bar is also easy to open for individuals with low manual dexterity. Of course, there can only be a panic bar on one side of a door, the other side must have a different form of latched entry.

There is another option with panic bars that can bring an extra layer of safety to your building. A panic bar can be installed with an alarm. This alarm requires very minimal battery power, and will be triggered whenever someone pushes in the bar to exit through that doorway. In this way you can create a fire exit, a doorway that shouldn’t be used unless it is needed for an emergency.

Panic bars allow for a variety of entrances and exits that can control the flow of traffic in your building. If you need to create safe exits, alarm triggering doorways, or meet safety codes, your building may just need the assistance of a panic bar.

Seattle Locksmith does installation, repair, and maintenance for panic bars. We can do installations for a small business, or the offices for a large firm, it doesn’t matter. If you need the installation of a panic bar in the Seattle area, you won’t find a better choice than Seattle Locksmith. We are the locksmith that believes in helping our neighbors. Call us at our 100% mobile, 24/7 service with the number 206-801-6464.