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Broken Key Extraction

Broken Keys Extracted By Seattle Locksmith

A broken key may not sound like a big deal if it has never happened to you. At Seattle Locksmith we know all the difficulties that can occur when one of those simple keys we all take for granted snaps off in its lock. Since keys usually hold open the tumblers or levers of a lock, and doesn’t open the lock until the system is turned, breaking a lock off can leave the whole lock inoperable until the broken blade of the key is removed. The stress on a key is placed between the blade and the head that we hold when turning them, so when they snap, they tend to leave an inaccessible piece of blade deep within the lock. This can’t be reached by using your fingers or a paperclip, it takes experts with a variety of equipment to probe the lock and pull out what is left of the key.

In the case of an automobile, it is even more important to have experts like those at Seattle Locksmith to get your key extracted. While a key in a lock at your house may lead to using the backdoor until everything is fixed, the ignition of an automobile is a different situation entirely. When you insert a key into the ignition of your car, your key activates the primary electrical switch of the car or truck. If the key breaks off, that means that your car may not be able to start up until that key is extracted. This requires specialized equipment that Seattle Locksmith brings on every job, and will bring directly to you with our fully mobile locksmith services.

If your car uses a transponder key, as many modern cars do, it is important that you do not throw away the other half of the key. When Seattle Locksmith comes to repair your ignition and create a new car key for you, it is important that we have the head of the key so that we can create a quick and easy duplicate transponder code.

Don’t panic if your key snaps though, because Seattle Locksmith is there to help anyone living in the Seattle area with their security system needs. This means we are ready, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to give you the services of our trained locksmiths for any emergency you may have. Give us a call at 206-801-6464 so we can help you out.