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Peephole Installation

Here at Seattle Locksmith we install and replace any type of peephole for your home and business.

A peephole gives a person on the inside of the door the security of being able to see out without having to open the door. Most commonly peepholes come with a “fisheye” lens, giving the inside viewer a wider range of vision, while someone attempting to look in from the other side has little to no visibility. Peepholes are an important security device, especially for elderly people.

There are many different types of peepholes including, but limited to: scope peepholes (door scopes), digital peepholes, and camera peepholes.

The scope peephole, also known as a door scope, is designed so that the observer may see through the peephole from over a foot away, bellow, or on either side of the door. This is ideal for children, senior citizens, and disabled individuals, and is one of the safest most effective ways of outside viewing next to video surveillance.

Next we have the digital peephole. This device makes it possible to see what is going on behind the door with a clear digital image, rather than the small distorted view you get with a standard peephole. It’s simplicity and inexpensive price and installation is making it an increasingly popular request.

And finally we have the camera peephole, which is just one step bellow a full surveillance system. This technology can be installed separately or added to any CCTV installation. The camera peephole allows you not only to quickly and easily see out when someone is knocking, but also gives you the ability to view and record any motion (or lack thereof) outside your door. With this technology you can see who is at your door or what is going in outside from the comfort if your home computer or television, or can be set up in a way so that you can monitor that activity from your smart phone when you are not home. And the best part? Anyone outside is none the wiser, as from the outside your high tech camera peephole looks like nothing but a plain old standard one which gives you the security your homes needs with the discretion you want.

If you do not currently have a peephole installed on your door, or would like a peephole with more advance technology, Seattle Locksmith can install or replace your peephole for you. We are available 24/7 for your convenience. Simply pick up the phone and call 206-801-6464.