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We at Seattle Locksmith provide automotive ignition lock replacement, repair, rekey, and rebuilding. We are a second-generation locksmith company with over 35 years in the business, and we provide the best automotive ignition lock and key services for any type of vehicles, including high-security ignition systems and older cars.

If you're ignition is jammed or broken, there is no need to replace the ignition lock. We can rebuild almost any type of ignition lock for American, European, German and Japanese cars.

We can save you a lot of money by rebuilding and/or repairing an existing ignition lock, rather than what the dealer and most auto repair shops will recommend – ignition replacement.

Most cars today have a three-part ignition lock system:

  • First is the mechanical ignition cylinder which detects the mechanical part of the key.
  • Next is the electrical device behind the ignition housing lock. This is the electrical device wired to the starter of vehicle and other electrical devices in the car.
  • Last but not least, most newer cars have a transponder chip inside the key itself. In this case, the car has an antenna around the ignition lock that allows the ECU device to start the engine.


Seattle Locksmith provides the best locksmith services in your area, covering all of your ignition lock needs. We carry over 150 different replacement ignition locks for almost any type of vehicle currently on the market. However, in most cases we will not need to replace your existing ignition lock.

You can reach us 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergency and nonemergency ignition lock services: 206-801-6464.